My view on fame…

Actually, this thought had occurred to me a few days ago but I didn’t have time to write it down. 

Well, if my memory is clear enough, I remember thinking that fame is in a way similar to prostitution. Now, before you go scattering off and thinking what a freak-do I am, let me try to explain this….

When you become famous, you are automatically a product, not necessary tangible (always), but your fame becomes a type of service you produce. By acknowledging this fame, you are “selling” yourself, your image which is a part of you, your body. If I’ve lost you now, that’s ok, there’s a reason why I gave up wanting to become a teacher after the age of five. 

Anyway, back to my weird theories. So, fame sells you, or your image, which essentially is part of your body, I mean, some fame such as models DO actually sell their body and their beauty for display. When you relate that to prostitutes who sell their bodies to provide an entertainment service as a source of income, don’t you think it’s all too similar to being famous? I mean, apart from the huge numbers you’d receive in your bank account and the fact the your have people praising you for whatever it is they considered your talent lies, what other reasons are there to be famous? And that’s only the positive side of being famous. Famous celebrities are always entertaining society with news or commonly known as gossip. Its ever so rare to see a popular magazine with a cover story about some random no body that doesn’t interest anyone. Being famous automatically grants them the ability to ‘entertain’ people through their actions. The latest Hollywood breakup, the newest fashion, the lead for this goes to, etc, etc. This image, this identity, this privacy which is almost a part of them is sold to us without their permission through social media when they joined the fame industry. They have no say whatsoever, once they’ve made this choice, it is up to them to deal with the consequences and decide whether or not to pursue this fame and make a career, a product, a sale out of it. Like prostitutes, they’ll just have to keep going once they’ve accepted this form of employment, they’ll make more than enough but in the end, is it worth it? One bad move, one mistake can take on a new dark twist when you’re famous. For prostitutes, their choice right from the beginning will be the biggest mistake of their life. I don’t think there is ever someone whose be successfully famous or has been part of the prostitution industry for a long time who could tell you how happy they are with their current lifestyle. fame gets to peoples head, it undoes a lot of mental stabilities built at a young age, the lack of privacy exposes peoples dark side, just like prostitutes whose had their feelings manipulated for so long, life becomes meaningless, worthless, and emotionless. 

That’s it for now, I’m tired, it’s one ‘o clock in the morning and I have school tomorrow. Just think about it next time you or someone else claims the fortunes of fame, I ask you this, will it satisfy a lifelong happiness? Or just a temporary one and fake it for the rest of your life? 


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