Greedy and Selfish personalities usually results in fat…

Coming from experience, I consider myself to be quite greedy and selfish sometimes. My family knows it. They tell me all the time, “you’re really fat!” It’s a common statement used to describe me or my personality. Not at all surprising if you knew me. I’m not saying ALL greedy and selfish people are fat, but it seems to be the trend, that is all. There are skinny stick figures who have nasty sides, well, actually most of them have (not trying to be biased but having a nice body to show off makes them quite comfortable in their own skin and hence the evolution of narcissism) anyways, as I was saying…

What was I saying? Oh, that’s right, fat. Well, being rich means you can fulfil many of your wants and desires besides your needs. The satisfaction it brings is the reward we look forward to. So, ultimately, that is why everyone wants to be rich, we can get more things. In most cases, unnecessary things. But who cares if you’re rich, you can afford it, right? So why no consume it? Right. And that’s where it begins. Options begin to open and your range of choices expand as your income increases because your potential for satisfaction has increased. You start to explore things you’ve never tried before, or over consume in excess the things you’ve grown to love. With the world of innovation expanding so fast, there are always new things you haven’t tried, or new technology you do not own, or food you have not tasted. The choices and options are endless but the more money you have, the further down this endless list you can exploit.

Ok, I’ll quickly wrap It up because it’s 2.30am I’m the morning and I have school to attend tomorrow. 

In conclusion, fat is the result of over-consumption over and over again and the only way this is allowed possible is if you can afford it which means you must have the money to be able to buy itis what drives our ambitions to succeed, the reward of satisfying as many of our countless desires as humanely possible. And you can’t deny those selfish and greedy traits which lead you to this reward of satisfaction. It’s is after all, human nature. 



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