Wishing for a miracle

Wishing for a miracle

I don’t know about you guys but I see this sign as a spark of hope for something incredible such as not failing my chemistry exam for example. Oh god, it was absolutely dreadful. I walked out of the exam hall and everyone had bright smiles and the right answers. I was completely lost, in a fourth dimensional world. It sucked. Anyway, I hope you guys had a better day than I did. I’ll try to make a commitment and put a new post up everyday, I’m not making promises though because who am I kidding, no one but myself will read these. My biology exam is in two days :/ I seem to have this luck that everything I prepare and learn for an exam does not show up on the exam. Perks of being a student. My apologises if you saw this nice photo and misleading title only to be disappointed by this.

” determination and confidence only succeeds with hard work and dedication ” ~ FuturePresentsPast


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