Death And Peace

You know the common saying everyone is ‘forced’ to use to consolidate a family or friend with a loss, “May You Rest In Peace”. It’s a nice way to say your farewell and let the dead to pass on peacefully onto the afterlife. Who came up with it anyway? Everything is discovered at some point or someone somewhere knew about it before anyone else did.

I don’t know what I’m talking about to be honest. I know Nelson Mandela passed on today. I liked him though I never knew him personal enough to truly like him. I guess my definition of, “like” regarding this subject is respect. I respect what he did to this world but at the same time I’m not sad about his death. Does that make me a terrible person? I’d like to think not. I’ll try to explain this in the best possible way:

You see, I use to believe world peace was achievable. We want world peace, don’t we? So why can it not be brought about? The answer (to me) is because of life. Life is what stops peace because the mirrored image of death is peace. Only when we are dead, we can truly be at peace. So for world peace to happen, we’d all have to die. That doesn’t sound very positive or lively to me. So I stopped believing in world peace.

But I believe there is a balance in things, and everything unbalance will eventually be restored to an equilibrium.

I think death is a reward we have to earn. A natural death. By natural death, I mean the peace we deserve after the many ups and downs we go through in life. At the end of our journey, we are rewarded with the ability to rest in peace forever and pass on our adventures to the younger generations. It sounds depressing but I think it’s marvellous. It’s like, finally being able to sleep after a long hard working day, except I’m the case if death, it’s an eternal sleep. So that is why we have to make the most out of everyday we are allowed to live because no matter how tired you get at the end, you have eternity to rest and eternity is a pretty long time.

And of corse, those who die of unnatural deaths such as suicide or homicide, I’m not sure if they’ll truly find peace because they didn’t live enough to deserve a peaceful death. I think you have to work for death and peace, it’s not a reward you can just choose to have and if you did, you disrupt the balance of (ok, call me cliche) the universe which may ultimately affect your death and thus your peace. Death chooses you, it doesn’t sound like a very good reward right now because you haven’t reach your destination yet but when you get there, death will become very welcoming for you. It may even be slightly scary but if you’ve lived your life correctly, you’ll know that every challenge is exciting, even death.

I sure this doesn’t make any sense. So live a life you want whether it is wild and free or long and healthy. And I hope when the time comes for you to pass on to peace, you’ll welcome it like it long waited family member into your arms.

Please don’t let it be today, or tomorrow, or anytime soon but when the time is right, I hope you have a death that will let you rest in peace.

I also found this today:



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