No One Is Going To Miss You…

You’re alone. You are dark. You are what everyone didn’t think you are. You are you. Nothing matters anymore but something still does.
This is why you are here in the first place. Something still bothers you. Something you care about. Love.
Loving someone is easy. It does not take a lot. Being loved back by that someone is where depression usually starts. You can say its sad that they don’t love you back. You can take the lingering slap on the face to the heart. You can feel sorry for yourself and hide and cry. You can feel ashamed and low and awful but you can’t help it. Not everyone is going to love you nor is everyone going to miss you. The ones who missed you will truly have loved you.

The problem is, I don’t think anyone missed me. And all I can do is feel sorry for my pathetic self. What do you do when you try to hate the person you love the most? It’s a war that will drain you, that, I am sure of.


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