You’re probably aware by now, I am not a self-assured person. I tend to believe most of anything said by anyone. I’m no historian. I don’t wonder where the origins of these sources of news are from. I don’t tend to wonder beyond believe.

Maybe that’s why I call myself an atheist. To be honest, I’m not so certain myself if I am one. Is there a God? Who knows. I’m not going to argue about religion here, I don’t want to either but I am scared to believe in something. I don’t know. It’s possibly because I don’t want to be disappointed about anything I believe in as that tends to happen to me quite often. I think that last sentence needs to grammatically checked and corrected but it’s almost half past midnight and I can’t be bothered. I’m just a confused human wandering without a clue on this planet.

I like signs. They’re something you can rely on (in most cases) and they can lead you to where you want to go. Or tell you where you don’t want to go. But the thing with signs is that someone once made that sign up. That sign is their judgement of things. By accepting this sign, we are ultimately placing our faith onto the judgement of this sign-maker. Not something we usually think about when we read a sign and follow it. How do we know whether their judgement is right or wrong? We don’t. And maybe that’s where believe comes in. Believing usually helps make life a lot easier. I just hope you and I believe in something we won’t regret.

Goodnight and have faith in your beliefs!

P.S: There’s a proofreading button on here. Well, that sure makes my writing life a ton easier.


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