Warning: Times are dark right now, I’m sorry for the negativity.

Do you enjoy it when I am in pain?
Does it excite you to beat me insane?
It makes me think you’re obsessed,
With beating me to death.
You find the most absurd excuses,
You know I have nothing to lose,
I have nothing left,
Nothing left for you to destroy.
Except maybe my soul,
Not that you would know,
Demons don’t have souls.
You know that I loathe you,
That’s also nothing new.
I pray to god you go to hell,
Only I know that’s where I’ll be as well.
I don’t believe in God,
Because you exist,
God wouldn’t be so careless,
If God did exist.
I can’t go on any further without risking exposure,
But you know who you are,
You are the monster I cannot defeat,
While you feast on meat,
I lose more sleep,
My shield is crumbling,
That must make you happy.

I hate you.


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