Before you read this: Please note I do not know how to write poetry as you will clearly see if you choose to continue forward…. But thank you for not criticising.
I put my trust in you,
Thinking it’ll be different this time,
That you’ll be the one,
Who wouldn’t betray me.
How wrong was I?
What was I thinking?
Letting you in that.
It’s funny,
Because you don’t know,
How much you have sinned.
I never asked you,
But I though you knew,
That it goes unsaid.
How wrong was I?
The way you treated it,
It wasn’t a secret,
It was information for gossip,
It was a conversation starter.
Were you that desperate?
Was it worth it?
I bet you would never know,
That I would never do that to you.
It has never crossed my mind,
To do what you done to me.
Because I am not you.

I hope you’re happy.


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