I know I didn’t own you, but it feels like you were mine.
Until you took leave, I’ve always been blind.
And you have been gone for a long long time,
Longer than I could’ve ever claimed you mine.
Time after time,
I’ve been chasing the wrong guy.
Time after time,
You waited in line.
I’m sorry to think you were ever mine,
I’m sorry you left after all this time.

I guess I deserve it now.
I left it like this,
And now my thoughts won’t drown.
What would’ve been our very first kiss,
Is now something that won’t ever exist.
I wanted the rumours to be unreal,
But they’re as solid as steel.
The girl you choose,
I know you won’t let her go.
Even in my dark dark heart,
I cannot hate her so.
She’s a good girl,
And you’re a good guy,
I should be happy you’ve finally decided right.
So why can’t I?

Because maybe,
Just maybe,
Part of me fell in love with your eyes,
Your perfect smile,
It was always so wide.
And the rare fact that,
Once upon a time,
You saw something beautiful,
Something that no one,
Not even me,
Can see with my own pair of eyes.
Now when I look in the mirror,
I can see why,
You left me,
After such a short short time.

– FuturePresentsPast


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