A little too late…

It’s such a little thing,
You’ll whisper it in my ear.
You say you’re teaching me,
The ways of life,
And how to speak.
I must be respectful,
To friends and family.

I tell you I am respectful,
I’m welcomed among my peers.
I smiled and greet those strangers,
Whose names I know not yet.
I’ll stay and talk all day,
Until they bore and take their leave.
So I ask this time after time,
How do I disrespect?

You hit me over the head,
And tell me to shut up instead.
Don’t talk back you’ll say,
As tears stream down my cheeks.
This is what I call disrespect,
Picking on the weak.
So I shut up like you said,
Yet you keep bringing it up again.

You say I turn a small problem,
Into a chaotic mess.
But I am not the one,
Stirring up trouble,
Until you can win again.
You arbitrary lies may have convinced you,
But they’ll never distort my view.
You may imprison my body and soul,
But my mind will be free to think.

You say you have the right to abuse me,
And do whatever you please.
Because deep in your heart,
There is no joy or spark,
For the child you once cradled.
You drove me to my mental illness,
You left behind physical scars,
And to this day,
This very day,
You’ve never regretted a single part.

You were suppose to be the people,
Who should love me unconditionally.
The very place I should have received love,
You left me a countless number of scars.
If I had a choice about my birth,
I truly wish you me aborted,
If only I had died in your womb,
A single miscarriage or two.
The most heartbreaking thing I know is,
The painful truth of it all,
You would grief and love the unborn me,
More than you could ever love me.


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