Friend to Foe

Here’s the problem:
I have this friend. We’ve known one another since the beginning of high school. We see each other everyday. To others, we are alike in many ways. Only we see the differences between us. We have a similar intellectual level, fitness level, and family background.
Why, shouldn’t this be a friendship of perfection?
I don’t think I would hate a ‘perfect’ friend. I also don’t think a ‘perfect’ friend is a bitch sometimes.
My parents dislike her more than I do although my parents opinion in anything are the least of my worries.
So why not resolve this by simply ending the friendship?
But you see, that’s where the real problem is. ALL my other friends, every single one of them I’ve known or associated with only knows the pair of us. If I split this pair, I am the bad person so I would lose all support from all my other friends, I will be rejected as this “nasty jealous selfish bitch”.
I do admit I can satisfy all those qualities when I’m angered but I don’t want to lose all the friendships I’ve formed these past few years.
I’ve done many things for this friend, I have fought my parents to keep our friendship steady. I have made sure she attended everything she and I were involved in. I’ve told her many things. More than I should, but she doesn’t return the favour. You see, that’s where it irritates me. I see that as disrespect, selfish, and disloyal.
She shows lack of sympathy for my pain (something I am used to by now) only she laughs at it. It’s a joke to her.
I once believed this similarity keeps us competitive against one another. Now I see how foolishly blinded I was. She takes advantage of people. She takes credit for work which she lacked effort in. To me, she cheats her way through and like the bitch I am, I hope one day it will bite her back.

I don’t really know what to do. I just want this year to end. I want to start over and meet new people. I need to get away from her.

Or she needs to get away from me. I’m probably the selfish jealous bitch.
Either way, this long term friendship is becoming toxic. I think it needs to end soon. Before it’s time, I will have to put up a facade and deal with this foe as a friend until the end of the year.

I hope she will never find this.



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