We’ve never given much thought about these tiny little bones. Not until we can sense the cavity that has weakened our enamel. Or the sharp pain upon which it comes into contact with an unforgiving taste. They’re almost as vital as the other ‘officially’ important organs to keep us alive. Yet we regard so little of them. We pay so little attention to them until they have become damaged. To the point where no reparation can ever restore their beauty and functionality.

In a way, it is a metaphor for us. We may seem insignificantly small. People may ignore us for long periods of time forgetting our existence until we cease to exit. That’s when the pain hits. That’s when the guilt begins.

Nobody is unworthy until they have become a decayed tooth. Everyone has a purpose as long as they live. Remember that, remember your teeth. Take care of yourself and take care of others. You are not useless until you’re dead.

– FuturePresentsPast


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