Dear Alex,

I tried to write to you in York,

I felt like a super dork.

It was really late at night,

So I scraped the idea and turned off the light. 
I tried to write to you again the next night,

I couldn’t think of the right words in my mind.

I was sharing a bed with a friend, 

It was not a moment to recreate the scene. 
I talked about how we meet in London,

You drank way too much for your first night in. 

I talked about our weird and perculiar coincidences,

I never thought I’ll meet a French Canadian.
I got so excited when you used to send me messages,

Even if it’s lame drunk pictures.

Remember that one of your tattooed arm? 

Thank god it was only a temporary charm.
I loved it when you sent me coco videos,

You stopped it a while ago.

I guess I should have taken note,

Like those music clips to piece back your ego.
I don’t want to remember you now,

I don’t want to know if you’re doing well.
It’s funny that I still care,
More than that London Jenga dare. 

If you ever find this post,

I hope I have let you go.

And the month of memories we have,

Will be nothing but a ghost. 
Yours Truly,

– The girl who accidentally fell for you


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