A journey begins….


Hey, I’ll be gone for a while. Tomorrow begins my next adventure.
Hopefully it makes this beak worthwhile. One day, I want to be those old folks who brags about their wild adventures in their younger years. I guess to do that, you need experience.
Packing can be really stressful. You wouldn’t think that, would you?
I assume everyone automatically thinks that it must be exciting to pack but it’s not. There’s that constant nagging that won’t stop bothering you every five second about things you could have missed. Important things you forgot to bring. I just want someone to pack for me. And then, there’s the absolute need to pack things neatly so it fits correctly into your bag. I’m making a big fuss out of nothing. Actually, I think I’m just procrastinating packing. Weird.

Hopefully my camera will still be functional and here when I get back, then I’ll show you. Maybe.
I’ve been waiting for this for a really long time, I think now that it’s so close, it’s surreal. I’m not even excited because it doesn’t feel like I’m going tomorrow. Urgh, why are emotions so complex they have to ruin everything? We want things to be simple but they never are. And if it seems simple, you’re probably doing it wrong. Human Logic *sigh*

There are always the dangers of travelling. It’s actually what excites me, the face of death chasing me and having the ability to avoid it. Ah, what nonsense you may think. Well, I never said I was simple or logical. I also don’t think a lot. I prefer keeping everything as simple as I can because I have a tendency to complicate the simplest things.

And I think by, “thing” I mean life.

Enjoy your week!