Permanent Marks

Most people will disagree with me because they’ll probably think I’m being biased here. I believe permanent marks on our bodies such as tattoos or scars weaken us rather than provide strength. Not much tattoos get much thoughts put into it before the person decides to get it and those that do usually get something that they can rely on to “give them strength” but here’s the deal: Life has a funny way of showing us that the things we make permanent usually loses it’s meaning and value over time. I believe that can be strongly linked to failure in marriages in our modern society. When we know for a fact that we will have these things permanently, we become less aware of their values. That’s why I don’t like anything permanent nor do I believe in everything being permanent, we need changes to move forward, or backwards depending on these changes. Nothing is ever permanent, so before you add another mark to your body just ask yourself: “Will I want to see this in 5, 10, or 20 years time?”. If it’s meant to be, fate will manage to find a way to leave its imprint, trust me. But don’t scar yourself with something permanent you might regret because you’re in a temporary conflict in life.

Take care of yourself, be good to your body, and try live as happily as possible.

As for tattoos, come on, no one really wants to see the same image/words over and over again repeatedly for as long as they live. Try to be accepting towards changes, you may not be happy about it because (I know most people won’t admit it) but change is scary, it’s the unknown, unforeseen, and who knows what might happen? Our lives are not guided by a rule book which we edit, they are blank pages waiting for you to fill up, to write a new adventure, one that has never been written and never be wrote unless you give everything a go.
Oh no, I went off topic (again!). Sorry, I’ll shut up.