Like the unforgivable night,


Like the dark thoughts running in my mind,


Like the bone chilling cold,


Like the last breath it stole,


Like the last chance to survive,


Like there is no other way to life,


Why does everything have to be this way?


Why can I not say what I want to say?


Why do I have to change to fit in? 


Why do I have to fight for freedom? 


Why won’t I have a chance at happiness? 


Why is is so difficult to feel less worthless? 



I remember two years ago my English teacher liked my verb repetitions: “inhale, exhale, inhale, and exhale”. It was short, it was simple, and it turned what was obvious into something else, something important. An important part of a story.

We don’t think about breathing, some of us may have never thought about it before. We don’t like to think about the obvious and simple things in life. Maybe that’s why life is so complex and twisted. We don’t take the time to think and enjoy the simple and obvious things in life. We’re always chasing after something less important, less valuable, less obvious.

Because we like complicated,

And we simply don’t have the time,

To take a deep breath.

That’s what we tell ourselves, and that’s what we’ll keep telling ourselves until the day we struggle to breathe.

I wish you all the very best, (and I hope you keep breathing for a long time)



The power of simplicity is absolutely magical. I wished I was a living version of that. To be honest, I’m quite the judgemental type despite my many flaws. I wish I could be simple and elegant, a piece of plain art with hidden talents. Perhaps if I had any talents it may have been possible. Perhaps.

Those who prove everyone wrong are my strongest inspirations. I aspire to be something of a similar kind. Hope continues to hold onto the belief I may achieve something not easily forgotten one day. One day. Perhaps.

I believe in all sorts of beliefs and at the same time, nothing at all. It is not something I desired to do. I just do. Do. One day. Perhaps.

It all starts out simple. An apple brought the laws of physics to Sir Isaac Newton (Ok, maybe a few billion more brain cells than the average human being helped). Everything starts of simple and evolved from the basis of simplicity. Upon the occurrences of failure, step back to simplicity. The start and basics. Start. Do. One day. Perhaps.

I wasn’t sure where I was going with this, I still don’t.
Keep it simple, don’t fog up the path, what lies ahead will eventually be clear. Simple. Start. Do. One day. Perhaps.

On an unrelated note, here’s a picture of my current journal/diary:


It’s also really late and my internal biological clock has spiralled out of control.
Until next time…

– FuturePresentsPast