A Chain of Events

An estranged whimper escapes my tongue,
A street of strangers stares me down,
Some politely offer help,
I reject and deny again.
I appreciate your kindness but it could not accommodate me.
I run towards the only peace I know,
The bells sing an hour has gone.
I race up to the helping hands,
Only to be chased away by ants.
Next came the statue of peace,
Where dead soldier lies with liberty.
I can only think back to the time,
Where my friend and I sat discussing life.
Now I am here all alone,
Discussing life on my own.
An old man walks by twice,
Maybe the third time he would ask me why?
It turns my weak bladder control,
Sent me sprinting for toilet rolls.
A half hour left until it close,
A half hour for somewhere to go.

When seven came,
I went back home.
Scared and frightened,
More than before.

When nine came,
I walk in the dark,
An hour long,
All sixty minutes of luck.

When midnight came,
I wrote this down.
Hoping someday possibly one day,
I will never have to count.


Wave After Wave…

Waves[Wave After Wave]

She bit me this time,

Teeth marks on left thigh,

I held on so tight,

Yet she yanked me apart. 

The grey clouds outside,

Reflects my inner self. 

The uncertainty of it all,

Things I couldn’t tell. 

She tore and twists my ligaments,

And pins me in a fatal position.

She strips and tear all I own,

My clothes, My mind, My soul.

She sits there one top of me,

In all her glory.

I stare at nothing,

And I see everything.

I can’t tell anymore,

What is right and what is real. 

I want to burn all that she owns,

To show her how I feel.

But how does one oppose a wave,

Whose twice as rough as you?