Bad habits are hard to quit

There are many things I wish I was better at. I can’t say I haven’t tried but I also can’t say I’ve tried very hard. 

As human beings, it is in our nature to resort to the things that are easy and simple. It goes against our nature to exert effort to work for something. And usually that only happens if the rewards outweigh the work efforts. No one works for free. Even volunteers are gaining the experience or the title of selflessness. 

What inspired me to make this post is the process of checking my emails. I found that the most dangerous habit I have become accustomed to is to mark emails I have opened as “unread” to deal with it at a later stage but in this day and age, our inbox are so frequently visited by mail that the old ones are drowned in masses of junk and we tend to forget what’s not there. 

So instead of leaving the decision making for the future, decide upon it now. Because when you do things in the future it is thrown into your past which is why bad habits are hard to quit because good habits are thrown in between the time zones of the future and the past and miss the opportunity to exist in the present. 

So I will leave this post with one final note, “All good things require sacrifice” because you have to sacrifice time in the present to change your way of living. 

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A letter to myself


I don’t know where you are or what you’re doing right now but I hope you enjoy it. I don’t know why you’re looking back on this but if you are, I hope you’re currently happy. Maybe the situation you’re in right now may not be the best but trust me, a situation is always better dealt with a smile on your face. It may be forced, and you might be lying to yourself but sometimes if we tell that lie to ourselves, we may eventually believe it. So lie about your happiness, what have you got to lose anyway? Our entire existence evolves around the goal of happiness. Why live to be depressed?
I know you, because you were once me. It’s ok if you think no one cares, I care. Your past cares and so does your future. Please don’t let us down. Don’t let your present self make irrational decisions that could put all your hard work in the past to waste. It might be better in the future.
You are no where closer to hell than you are to heaven because you’re still on earth which means you can always choose. Don’t choose something you’ll permanently regret.


I hope you’re still alive.

– Your Past